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MaxPreps is home to the Scoreboard

The 2021 Spring season will be the fifth consecutive year that MaxPreps will serve as the official Scoreboard and Team Page site for After 16 years of working with Soccer Information Systems (2001-2009) and Eurosport (2010-16), converted its main Scoreboard to MaxPreps beginning with the 2017 spring season.

Coaches should receive a "Launch Kit" for your respective team(s) prior to the season. If not, ask your Athletic Director about this service and request an email to be sent to you directly.

Before the 2017 conversion, we discussed this transition with our North Carolina Clash of the Carolinas partners and they gave a definitive "thumbs up" of approval after utilizing it this past Fall statewide during their boys' campaign. In fact, they did not even use the Eurosport Scoreboard that year because the North Carolina High School League mandated that all members sports that MaxPreps supports had to enter all scores/results with that software or either they forfeited postseason consideration. hopes all of you will enjoy this platform and participate in the many "extras" it offers: smart phone application; team rosters; players/coaches information; team/player statistics; team history; team/individual records; match programs; national/state/class rankings; etc.

Yes, it will take some getting used to but like anything after a couple of tries it gets easier each time!

One note, while the Eurosport Scoreboard required a lot of manual labor, MaxPreps basically removes that portion of the work because it is synced with the SCHSL classifications, regions, etc. So, make one change and it is globally affected.



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