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SCHSL: COVID-19/Coronavirus update (4-8-20)

SCHSL Shutdown March 16-April 30

SCHSL: COVID-19/Coronavirus update (4-8-20)

SCHSL: COVID-19/Coronavirus update (4-8/20)
To: Superintendents, Principals and Athletics Directors

From: Jerome Singleton, Commissioner, SC High School League

Subject: COVID-19 Workouts

Date: April 8, 2020

The COVID-19 Virus has certainly altered the many traditional ways that we are working with our students and athletes. The SCHSL recognizes that many of your student-athletes would like to continue working with their coaches within the limits provided by Executive Order of Governor McMaster. All member schools (Middle and High) can offer strength and conditioning workouts to your athletes using any media platform that allows for you to conduct workouts provided it does not require athletes and/or coaches to gather in one location. Additionally, workouts that are put on paper, or weekly workouts that can be distributed and followed by athletes at home are also acceptable. These workouts cannot be mandatory, and any virtual workout led by a coach must take place after “normal” school hours to continue to respect the academic load that each student still carries. As part of the guidelines, all distance learning workouts (conditioning and/or sport-specific) must be approved by the local school district after review of all possible health risks and legal ramifications.

Sports that are currently in season (Spring Sports) may offer sports specific training in addition to conditioning through a video platform that you choose provided that, it does not require athletes and/or coaches to gather in one location. Cheer, which is in open season may do sports specific training, except for stunting and tumbling as these are a safety risk for the athlete. At this time cheer will not be allowed to have any type of tryout. Sports that are in closed season may offer strength and conditioning activities only. Any sports specific training or gathering of athletes and/or coaches will be viewed as a violation of closed season rules and regulations for those that are still in closed season.

Athletes and coaches are still encouraged to follow the guidelines for social distancing as well as the Executive order of the Governor. While many are eager to get back together and start working again, we cannot stress enough that coach(s) and/or athlete(s) must not meet in person or groups to conduct these training sessions. One on one activities and use of school facilities will not be permitted. The SCHSL continues to think of you during this difficult time and our staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

SCHSL: COVID-19/Coronavirus update (4-2/20)

SCHSL: COVID-19/Coronavirus update (3-16-20) (4-1/20)

In accordance with the Executive Order by Governor McMaster, all South Carolina public schools are closed until the end of March. This includes SCHSL member schools with private schools strongly encouraged to follow suit. Regarding middle and high school athletics, the South Carolina High School League is suspending all Spring sport activities from March 16, 2020 through April 30, 2020.  This suspension includes all contests, practices, workouts (conditioning and strength training), and/or open season skill development.

The COVID-19/Coronavirus is spreading across our state and nation with social distancing being critical to stop the spread. School athletics most certainly do not supersede the safety of our student-athletes, coaches, their families or fans.

“In order to keep our student-athletes and the education community as safe as possible, stringent measures are now in place by order of the Governor’s Office. We ask that all schools follow this Executive Order until further notice. We will reconvene via teleconference on April 2, 2020, to review the Spring sports schedule,” states Commissioner Jerome Singleton.

Please follow the advice of medical professionals as well as your state leaders, both educational and political. Our goal remains the same- to eradicate the COVID-19/Coronavirus and keep our citizens as healthy as possible.

We thank you for your full cooperation and patience during these unprecedented times. A return to normalcy is dependent on how we proceed with caution and calm.

Next scheduled meeting: April 2, 2020 via teleconference to review Spring sports schedule and the status of COVID-19/Coronavirus.



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